When does a Web Designer have time to Redesign their own website?!

There’s random moments when I’ll decide to ‘stop in’ to my website to take a gander at the monstrosity that IS my www, and it never ceases to amaze me how much it hurts to look at.

Seriously, how am I able to put so much creative energy into client websites but when it comes to my own (mind you, my tool to make an income and put food on the table) looks like something i’d cringe at instantaneously if a client said “I want my site to look like this!”. 0_o.

One client said they understood, saying something along the lines of “The children of a cobbler go unshod.” I totally get the analogy, but I have kids, and they’re the first to get shod! I guess looking at it from a not so literal standpoint, yes, nailed it.

Time to “re-shoe” the children (ie: my website children lol).

Moral of the story? Keep your website up to date. Don’t be that shoemaker! lol