It’s time for a website makeover!

According to my FTP files, i’ve had this SAME site for about 3 years now.. HOLY CRAP! That’s honestly the longest my website has ever been the same. I can blame my full time position at True Productions for the last year of no changes, but it’s time for a little spring cleaning.. in December.. (It’s procrastination, don’t get it backwards).

Who knows what i’ll come up with.. i figure just a little trim.. a little snip?.. maybe some graphics that aren’t from 2002? A little CSS? A little mobile?.. why not!

So, needless to say… with Motzart in the background, and a pile of assorted jelly belly’s to my side; it is on… like donkey kong. -_- … EW BUTTERED POPCORN!!! That’s just not right… 0_o