The Truth About Infusionsoft

*Stands up*
“My name is Steph, I’m a small business owner, and I love infusionsoft”
*awkwardly sits back down… 0_o*

Ok, so here’s the deal.. Am i a freelancer? Technically, YES, but lets face it.. A freelancer is way more than a ‘how can I help you, i’ll get the job done, then you’ll pay me’ job description. Freelancers wear all the hats of a “full on” company. We do accounting, marketing, sales, project management, OH and not to mention, the WORK!

Now, let me tell you why I love Infusionsoft… And i’m even more allowed to say all this now because I have my own account and use it for my day to day processes with clients, and although it’s a work in progress, it’s progress nonetheless.

I know I’m all about Infusionsoft, some people (*cough*company i last contracted with*cough*) try to turn infusionsoft into a programming solution. That’s not what infusionsoft is for. Infusionsoft is best described as a member of your team. They’re an employee, and all you have to do is tell it what to do and how to interact with your clients, and it does it’s job, automatically. It’s a time saver, and a workhorse.

Sure, it all looks scary at first, and it’s suppose to, because if it was anything less, it’d be useless. Don’t have time to fiddle with the technicalities of getting things set up right??? Hire someone like me to do the work for you (always have to have my shameless self promotion about my INFUSIONSOFT SERVICES in posts, you know how it goes.) 

Simply put, it’s worth the investment. Not into the $1500 Kickstart fee? Send me an email, I’ll hook you up with an infusionsoft account and can get you 50% off the Infusionsoft Kickstart Fee. How? Magic. Don’t ask questions. I’m Italian.. I have people!

Not only will I make that happen, but I’ll give you access to my “Infusionsoft for Common Folk” online Web Course.
Basically teaching you most everything the Kickstart Package would teach you.

Email me at to get the Italian Hook Up!