SEO beginner confusion and addiction..

As if it’s any surprise, being a beginner in the SEO mayhem is painstakingly mind boggling. I’ve been a website designer for over 7 years, and after all the websites I’ve created I’m finally delving into the not so wonderful world of search engine optomization, and let me say, it’s a task, but a very gratifying one!

If you have any competitive bone in your body, search engine optomization gives you some kind of cheap (or not so cheap) thrill. It’s like ebay! Winning an item for $20 over the retail price, BUT IT’S OK, because you WON it! Something we never want to admit, but I’m sure at least half of you have been suckered by the ebay bidding bug. Search engine optomization is very much a chess game, which I have found out in these last few months of doing research on the subject. Being a website designer and having more clients request organic seo, I’ve had no choice but to read article after article, and now I’m addicted! It’s true!! Hi, my name is Steph Borel and I am addicted to SEO…THERE I said it!!