Save Yourself a Headache

Some people like taking advantage of those sites that allow you to create your website on your own, and sale you on how easy it is. Yet, I’ve had countless clients come to me and tell me how frustrating and “so not easy” those sites actually are to create. Save yourself a headache!

Another option to avoid is website templates. Purchase a template for $49.50, and just freely and easily input your content? BUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! WRONG! Here’s a tip. When you’re browsing for website templates because that is your chosen option, take a look at the “Unique Price” of the template. You’ll see anywhere from $1000-$2000 dollars for that site to customize that template for you. There’s a reason for that — It’s hard!! And not to mention painstakingly boring and frustrating. Steph Borel Design offers this service at a discounted rate off the ‘unique price’ of template stores, but just keep in mind, it’s a great option, but not if you’re going to attempt to customize it yourself. Save yourself a headache!!