New Marketing Video

I know when I go to a website, I’ll leave if there’s not a good visual representation of what that site, service, or product will do for me. I know it’s weird, especially since, years ago, when you bought anything it was a crap shoot. (Maybe that’s why my mom chose to buy at yard sales rather than at a retail store).. We’re all guilty of it.. Tell me you’ve never done a price compare on a product using a scanner app on your smart phone… Or even checking out reviews, etc etc.

So that was off topic a bit, but a key way to make sure people understand your brand, what you’re doing, and what you can offer is to make a quick 1 minute video and place it on your website. OR HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT ;) ;).

I’ve finally made a jump, and have replaced my slideshow with a 1 minute clip of who i am and what i do. Hope you guys like  and enjoy it!  AND, i hope it helps new clients get to know me and what I can offer them. Visuals people.. Spend the extra money to convert text into graphic design or a visual.. doesn’t mean you can’t have text, but create a visual summary of what you’re talking about! Because if you’re anything like me, if all i see is text, i run!