How much does it cost to have a website built?

Website quotes from here, website quotes from there.. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of variances when it comes to who charges what for a website. There are quite a few factors in play when it comes to receiving a quote and knowing whether or not to accept it and move forward with that contractor or company. Unfortunately, there’s no magic number. Cost depends on how a contractor or company interprets your features and website needs, and the choice is 100% up to you. You may receive a quote for $2500 at one place and $13,000 at another (YES, IT CAN BE THAT BIG OF A DIFFERENCE!). I’m not telling you to run out and get quote after quote before you find the price you’re looking for, more importantly you have to consider the following:

  • Does this contractor or company have the knowledge and experience it’ll take to build what i’m looking for?
  • Have I made my needs and wants clear so the contractor or company isn’t mis-interpreting my website needs?
  • Would I rather work with a contractor or a company? (I’ll answer this for you… a contractor ;) )
  • What’s my budget and am I willing to be flexible for the right contractor or company?

Most contractors I know base their project rates and quotes on time. They calculate their hourly times how long they believe the project will cost… Also, ask for a turn around time or give the company or contractor a due date, this is helpful in creating an accurate quote.

Unfortunately throughout my years and years of website design and development, I’ve had clients come to me with horror stories about companies and contractors that over promise and under deliver (or run off with their deposit all together). AKA: Ask for some references, check out some of the sites they’ve created… do your homework. Don’t be fooled by companies either, some of them are so backed up with clients that you’re turn around time can get pretty extensive.

So in the end, there’s really no answer. My website design and development services start at $2500, and go up from there depending on what you tell me you need.. I then write out a service agreement/quote itemizing what will be done for the cost of your project, that way we’re both on the same page. And remember, just because one person starts services at $5000 and another at $2500 doesn’t mean you “get what you pay for”… there’s no website design and development retail standard.. we charge what we believe is fair (in most cases… at least i would hope so!).

Bullet point what you’re looking for… If anything, supply your budget, and ask what they can do from your bullet list with the budget you’re working with because you can always add additional features later on after you get your site up and running.