Google, Panda, Penguins, oh My!

As a web developer, (needless to say) I have to keep up to date and knowledgeable on ALL things website related. One thing that i use to LOVE learning more about was SEO (search engine optimization)… Please note the keyword “use”, past tense, also known as, me no likey no more… Today, it’s literally a pain to keep up with all of Google (and other search engines) , algorithms and changes, and blah blah blah [insert charlie brown adult voices here].

I may not like keeping up to date with this stuff because it’s time consuming, and there are specialists out there to hire if you’d like to commit to an on going marketing/seo mission. And yes, marketing has taken on a whole new definition in the website world. Without marketing, you have no seo plan anymore.. it’s really that simple.

With Google, you have your Panda updates, your Penguin updates, and that’s the reason why there are so many more SEO/SEM Marketers out there now a days, BECAUSE THEY’RE NEEDED and on a playing field all their own. These are for the hard core, the new startups that need to get out there and get out there good. Costly? Definitely can be, but if you’re a serious start up, you’ll have the budget for it in your business plan.. because you have a business plan right? If not, and you’re just winging it, here’s my advise:

If you’re a small startup, and not aiming too high for search engine ranking, don’t know what it even means and could care less if you’re on page 1 or 51, then do yourself a favor and use this EASY translation of all things panda, penguin, and seo.. Ready???


You like bullet lists? (no joke, cause i’m a sucker for them) So here we go:

2015 SEO plan for the ones that don’t want to hire a marketer (or who have no plan)!

  • Just like I said above, make sure your website content is relevant to your websites subject matter. If you have a website about your services as a plumber, there’s no sense in having a blog post about your cat’s new litter of kittens. Now you can use no-follow links to those posts so search engines can’t see them, or you can take the easy route and DON’T WRITE ABOUT YOUR CAT!
  • FRESH UNIQUE content: Search engine spiders eat that up! Don’t try and trick the system by finding an article, translating it into another language and then back to english.. That’s so 2009 people lol. Google spiders have gotten smarter, we have to keep up with their intelligence and not try and fool it.
  • Don’t fall for any $99 SEO scams that promise first page ranking. Again, if you’re a plumber in, let’s say, Chicago… It’s absolutely guaranteed there are way more than 10 just like you, and there’s only 10 spots on the first page of Google (You get where the Marketing starts coming into play rather than “SEO”?)
  • Social Media: A must! Create your profile pages, link to your pages from your website, love on your profile pages. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter; Even if all you do is have an account and have your posts get sent to them automatically (like I do), at least it’s something. Just let your web developer know that’s what you want, and they’ll handle it from there. A low investment that’ll make up for your lack of a marketer.
  • Reviews and testimonials: Ask clients for them and make sure they’re on your site, or even better, ask them to go to an accepted review site like Yelp and leave a review there.
  • Make sure you have contact information on your page. If you have a brick and mortar store front, put the address and a google map. Get a Local Google Business page, so when people in your area search, you may come up on the first page if you’re the closest to them.

So, there’s the list.. achieve these and you’re on the right track.. Ultimately the best thing you can do for your “Seo” efforts is nothing, aside from creating an honest and trustworthy website. Cause at the end of the day, who knows what Google will do. Don’t invest in ‘backlinks’ or SEO at all.. Invest in Marketing your business and your brand.

If you’d like to get some more in-depth info, and need less than my layman’s explanation, visit, an awesome article on Google Panda leaks by Josh Bachynski. Everything else I’ve read about “what to do in 2015” has all been guesses, but Josh actually cites his sources, and they are GREAT sources.