Give it away now

As many of you know, I do custom website design free for bands and musicians with their hosting purchase. You’d think I’d have bands upon bands and artists upon artists clawing down my door for the opportunity! WRONG.
Maybe it’s the word free. Free ring tones, free this, free that, and we all know that’s not all free, and if it is they give you a taste and then pound you with charge after charge. So needless to say, no…not everyone is signing up, and probably because they see the word free as no longer something that is really..well…free. But, it is. I do $750 website design work free, yes free, for artists and musicians… They do have to pay for hosting, but that’s whether I charge them $750 or not…see how that works?

So if anyone out there knows how to spread the word about this on a level that makes people more comfortable with the word free, you’re input would be appreciated!