Freelance Website Designer – an operation of one!

Being a Freelance Website Designer, I wear many hats. I’m the billing department, the design department, the customer service department, the tech support department, and any other department that has to be created on a whim in order to provide my clients with what they need. It means 12-15 hour days, and sometimes working till odd hours in the morning. I say this a lot in my blog posts, but being a freelance ANYTHING requires a special breed of people. To make a commitment to work on your own, and for-go a steady paycheck for the opportunity to do what you love on your own terms, is priceless, honorable, and something every freelancer should be proud of.
I’ve been a website designer for so long that I’ve seen many others take the plunge into working for themselves, and I’ve seen many decide it’s not for them.. but usually when they leave, they always come back. It’s not just a way to pay bills, If you choose to work on your own, its because you believe strongly in what you do, and love the risk of doing it.

Some people climb mountains, some people jump off bridges with only a bungee chord.. Other’s, like the full time freelancers of the world go into business for themselves and throw away the comfort of knowing when and how much they’ll get paid.
So, no, you wont see my climbing any mountains or jumping off any bridges for my adrenaline rush. I’ll be taking chances at keeping my lights on, because this is what I love to do. This is my rush.

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