Finding A Freelance Website Designer

Are you looking for a freelance website designer and developer to develop, maintain, or scale your website and business online business marketing? Here’s some things that will help you to find the right designer for you and your company:

1. When contacting a freelance website designer and developer, make sure they ASK ABOUT YOU! 
A lot of the time, us freelancers can get into a drone like state and simply want to know what you TECHNICALLY want. How many pages, colors, specs that mean zilch to you because we’re speaking a language you don’t understand. STOP US IN OUR TRACKS, or simply find another designer. Sure, some specifics are needed in order to provide a detailed quote, but it’s a quote. Speaking for myself, as a freelance website designer i’m looking to maintain a relationship with your company and get to know everything you do and put in my 2 cents to make it better. I’ll offer suggestions, and get to know what your need is, so you won’t have to worry about it.

2. Personality.
A client/business relationship is important. After speaking to/emailing a few freelancers, make sure you guys mesh well. Even in text, you’ll know if you’ll be a good fit with that freelancer.

3. Small scale doesn’t mean you have to settle.
9 times out of 10 a freelance website designer or developer is willing to work with your budget. This isn’t because we’re drowning in debt and will settle for pennies to a dollar on a budget. When we choose to work with a budget that’s less than our starting price, it’s because we are looking for a long term relationship. Sure you may only have a few grand to get your project up and running, but you’ll need updates, and you will grow, and we’re investing OUR time into that growth and maintaining a quality relationship with EVERY one of our clients. (Hopefully i’m not speaking for myself on that one!) So, bottom line.. if your start up budget is low, don’t run to a $10/hour freelance website designer or developer. Find who you want, and give them a chance to grow with you. You’d be surprised.

4. Expect a return on your investment.
You’re spending a pretty penny when it comes to getting your company or start up business online. Make sure you hire someone who will be as passionate about your project as you are. When i work with clients, I become invested in making sure i’m developing a project that will a) grow with the client, b) be worth their investment, and c) make sure their website is SEO ready so that they’ll be ahead of the game. I also make suggestions to clients if I see something that would be relevant to their service/product that may bring in more capitol. (It’s not that i’m nosey, i’m just vicariously living through you!) If you’re successful, you come back for more edits and updates, and we begin a long term relationship where you can call upon me for updates, additional sites and features, etc, etc.

Bottom line.
When finding a freelance website designer, don’t settle for anything less than the best for you and your business. Your business is your baby. Baby’s need nurturing. Consider your freelance website designer to be a “nanny” of sorts. You need to have trust in them and make sure you’re both on the same page. Or else, nanny cams get installed, and that’s just adding to your investment. Don’t get fooled by low cost (or high cost for that matter). Find an ethical and reliable source for what you need. In the end, if you don’t, you’ll end up paying someone again to redo your website, or investing more into getting it fixed or completed in a timely manner.