Customerhub Vs iMember360

I’ve done a post like this before, but I wanted to do another one since I still hear so many questions about the two.

First of all, the common ground.

With both options you have to purchase Infusionsoft. This is what makes both options actually function. It is the ‘brains’ of the operation. If you didn’t know that part though, there’s little chance that you’d end up on this post.

A quick 2 second comparison:
Customerhub: If you want something lightweight, and off-site (ie: this is your choice.

If you want something integrated within your existing Wordpress website, more flexible, with endless possibilities, you use iMember360.

Each option has there place obviously, or else they wouldn’t be able to co-exist in the world of Infusionsoft membership portals.
The cool thing about iMember360 is that you don’t have to “take it there”, it can simply be used to personalize a customer experience within your website. Customerhub on the other hand is more of a separated customer experience, that could almost be presented as an “Elite area” for your paying customers.

In the end, it all depends on who you’re targeting and what you think they’d like. Realistically, aside from maintenance related concerns, this isn’t YOUR choice, it’s your niche’s.  So instead of asking yourself which one would be best for you, ask which one would be best for the customers who are paying for it.