Custom WordPress Development

Several years ago, there was considerable talk within the online community about WordPress overtaking all other forms of web development. While such a feat was quite an ask, and probably something that would only ever exist in the intimate dreams of its founders, WordPress has become more and more relevant as time has gone on.

So relevant in fact, that it’s almost impossible to pick up a web design book now without seeing WordPress tips within its covers. WordPress is attractive to web users due to its simplicity. The vast array of features to enjoy and the amount of themes make it an easy and cost-effective way to get started. A person can have a webpage up and running within the hour, and do so without breaking the bank.

While such a method works well for inexperienced web users, those with the ambition and drive to become web presences usually need a little more. Over-used templates don’t cut it for those serious about their website. That’s where I come in. As a developer, I have the ability to create a page unique to you, that’s professional looking, responsive, fully functional and to your exact specifications. All of the advantages of WordPress can still be enjoyed, only with your own individual twist on the service.

Alongside developing actual WordPress pages and themes comes the maintenance of currently active pages. WordPress sites, like regular websites, also suffer from issues with bugs and safety.

If you believe your WordPress page is currently vulnerable, or you’re having problems sorting out the kinks, that’s probably why you’ve visited this page. As a web developer, it’s my role to get everything working smoothly for you, and get your site back to what it does best, gaining exposure.

In the portfolio section of my website contains a few examples of the many WordPress development projects I’ve worked on in the past. This form of web media deserves all the respect it gets, which is why conquering it and getting it to work for you should be your goal, as it is mine.

It’s a personal belief that I have, that WordPress is deserving of the same treatment as regular pages. This is why I’m always on the search to find newer ways to make design, usability and function even better.