CMS WordPress Website Design & Why

As a freelance website designer that likes to keep things simple and keep edits in the hands of my clients, it’s easy for me to recommend and use wordpress for all my clients. In this day in age when adding content and making changes to a website are so vital, I don’t see how any website designer would leave out such a crucial feature.

In the web design world, we call wordpress a CMS. A CMS is a content management system, and is vital to non-internet saavy clients that need to update their website on regular basis. Even if you dont need to update your site on a regular basis, you should, and here’s why: SEO.

CMS SEO, i know, all the abbreviations are a pain in the a$$, but they’re important to know if you’re gonna invest in a website. Search Engine Optimization is something, that even done on a small scale, shouldn’t be avoided. Search engines LOVE change. They send out “spiders” to visit your site, and create a screen shot of your websites look and code, and when it comes back to visit a month or so later, your code better have changed or it gets bored, and see’s your site as a static uninformative piece of html.

So what should you do? When getting a website designed, make sure your designer is creating it on top of a CMS, whether that be wordpress, joomla, or any other CMS that makes it easy for you to add content to it on a daily basis. Also, if you’re going to stay on top of things, ask for a blog also. It gives you a place to write and add content to your website so it’s ever changing. Then WRITE! Don’t let a blog just sit there and collect dust.

Any Questions?