Website Design : Guidelines

The goal of most web designers is an attractive and easily accessible and functional website to convince the visitor to do something. Creating such a website requires good graphics, easy and intuitive site navigation, logical site layout and good web copy. The following suggestions are general web design guidelines. Website Content You want the visitor […]

Web Designer or Web Developer

The terms web designer and web developer are used interchangeably in the media and advertising. But it is not the same. Design involves what the visitor sees on your website, development involves the site’s functionality. This article explores the difference between these two disciplines. A website containing several different aspects: * Look and feel – […]

Website Designer: To be or not to be

Whether you’re designing the website yourself or hire a professional web designer depends on several very important factors. One of the most important thing to consider is the level of expertise that you or your employees have the necessary web technology to create an attractive, professional looking site that functions as you wish. The decision […]

Talking to your web designer

Hey Web Designer! Communicating with a Web designer can be the hardest part of hiring process because you and web designer do not speak the same language when we talk about the details of a website. This article explains how to get your ideas across the web designer, you want to rent. Ok, so you’ve […]

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