Where for art though Starter Lounge

Call me crazy, but i work way better when i have piles of work in from of me. I guess as a freelancer website designer it’s better to have too much work than not enough work. That’s why i miss the ‘side ventures’. One side venture was going to be Starter Lounge, and we even […]

Website Designer & Singer/Songwriter

I’ve read through some of my posts and I seem to keep reiterating the fact that I love what I do to the point where it’s border line cheesy, but what can i say, i’m proud of where this career path has taken me, and I look forward to many more miles down this road. […]

Scammers Targeting Freelance Designers

In the last month, I’ve received 5 counterfeit checks from supposed ‘potential clients’ for deposits. They’ve all looked really legit, but there are some signs to look out for. 1. The amount on the check is NOTHING near the deposit you specified. As a freelance designer, a $2400 check looks great! Bills can be paid, […]

Freelance Website Designer Arizona

It’s been about a month since I’ve made the move to Arizona, and it’s wonderful here. Still trying to establish projects with companies in the area, but I LOVE my clients and they come from all across the U.S. It’s great working with each and every one of them, and I hope to meet some […]

A freelance website designers dream website

Still working on my website redesign. Equipped so far with most the bells and whistles I was aiming for in the beginning. Love my website, and hope its easier for clients and potential clients. Let me know if anyone has any comments or concerns! Support Forum to come soon, as well as advanced faq’s

Web Designer : Time to get one.

There are many signs that can tell you that you need a web designer to hire. These symptoms include losing users as quickly as they arrive on your site, users constantly rely on the same page, your site is not listed on search engines, and much more. A web designer is the best person you […]

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