Sept 11th

Can you believe it’s been 10 years? It’s insane that it’s been so long. I made sure to pay a visit to my mom and just took it easy. Everyone who suffered more than the average citizen was in my thoughts.

Quitting smoking

It’s about time for this post. One of my aunts asked me if i’m still “not” smoking, so it brought it up. And its time for a new blog post, so why not. It has been 30 weeks, 5 days, 12 hours, 4 minutes and 50 seconds since I quit. I never thought i’d be […]

I’m Allergic to Arizona

It’s no surprise that I move a lot.. My clients know it. It’s not an instability thing, its more of a “not sure where i want to park my a$$” I came to Arizona because there wasn’t much work for my girlfriend where i was previously, in Big Bear California, and although I can […]

Freelance Comedy

I came across a hilarious comic strip today about a freelance designer and the life of a freelancer.. here’s a couple “episodes” that i found THOROUGHLY amusing (the funniest stuff is the stuff you can relate to!):     hiLARious.

Time to leaven the comforts of my office desk chair, and venture out into the 110 degree weather of Arizona.  I’d love to bbq but because we’re in Arizona in 11o degree weather my apartment complex won’t allow us to have bbq’s.. i even asked if i could bring a george forman out on my […]

Where for art though Starter Lounge

Call me crazy, but i work way better when i have piles of work in from of me. I guess as a freelancer website designer it’s better to have too much work than not enough work. That’s why i miss the ‘side ventures’. One side venture was going to be Starter Lounge, and we even […]

Website Designer & Singer/Songwriter

I’ve read through some of my posts and I seem to keep reiterating the fact that I love what I do to the point where it’s border line cheesy, but what can i say, i’m proud of where this career path has taken me, and I look forward to many more miles down this road. […]

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