Happy Holidays!

As fast as this year has come and is soon gone, it’s been an amazing journey. Filled with ups and downs, and in the end a journey non-the-less. I’d like to thank ALL of my current clients and client’s I’ve worked with throughout the year (as well as the company’s i’ve 1099’ed for). To choose […]

Another Snowy Day

It’s another one of those days where I’m blessed to work from the comforts of my home office. I LOVE watching the snow fall outside my window while I tap away at the keys of my computer sipping my hot coffee without a care in the world. And for this, I disgust Chicago natives..lol I […]

It’s a new year, it’s a new life

As a majority of you know, I’m on my own again! Bitter sweet, but ultimately it needed to be done, for my own sanity and conscience. Now back to a 100%, Full time, Freelance website designer, I’m in the drivers seat again, and the seat is warm and comfy.. like i never left it. It’s […]

It’s time for a website makeover!

According to my FTP files, i’ve had this SAME site for about 3 years now.. HOLY CRAP! That’s honestly the longest my website has ever been the same. I can blame my full time position at True Productions for the last year of no changes, but it’s time for a little spring cleaning.. in December.. […]

Becoming a Freelance Website Designer

When I became a freelance website designer, there were many personal reasons that attracted me to the profession. Little did I know, that it would bring me a lot more than just an ability to pay my bills. To become a freelance website designer, you have to be a rare breed. You have to trust […]

Freelance Website Designer – an operation of one!

Being a Freelance Website Designer, I wear many hats. I’m the billing department, the design department, the customer service department, the tech support department, and any other department that has to be created on a whim in order to provide my clients with what they need. It means 12-15 hour days, and sometimes working till […]

Mac gets a virus? The Flashback trojan

I’m the first to preach mac till someones ears fall off. About 5 years ago, I switched to using a mac, and will never go back to a windows PC. The first thing i’d say to PC users to tempt them into switching to an Apple computer was that i had no fear of getting […]

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