How much does it cost to have a website built?

Website quotes from here, website quotes from there.. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of variances when it comes to who charges what for a website. There are quite a few factors in play when it comes to receiving a quote and knowing whether or not to accept it and move forward with that contractor […]

why freelancers do it better

The Real Value of a Web Designer to your Company

Why get a Freelancer? Hiring a full-time web designing team or maintaining your own in-house designers will cost a lot more than hiring a freelancer. Web design companies incur various costs to run their business, which accounts for their higher service charges. Hiring a regular employee, on the other hand, comes with corresponding overhead costs. A freelance web designer offers more flexibility in terms of expenses and commitment.

What We Do as Website Developers

What makes us who we are? What do we believe in? What’s our design philosophy? And most importantly, how can we (and I) help you…? The internet’s a pretty big place. Among all the pictures of funny cats, pizza recipes and forums complaining about the inaccuracy of the latest Star Trek movie, exists a grey […]

New Marketing Video

I know when I go to a website, I’ll leave if there’s not a good visual representation of what that site, service, or product will do for me. I know it’s weird, especially since, years ago, when you bought anything it was a crap shoot. (Maybe that’s why my mom chose to buy at yard […]

Google checkout vs. Paypal

Alot of my clients ask which one is better.. google check out or paypal. And being around them both for quite some time now, i’ve come up with my own answer. Bare in mind that obviously this is a matter of opinion, and i’m not a “lets make a list and check it twice” kind […]

The best time of the year to hire a web designer

A lot of people think that if a web designer is busy, they are busy..done deal. However we have our times of the years where we’re really slow just like every other business out there. The holidays are a great time to get some good deals from website designers. Interested in hiring me? Ask me […]

Website Designer: better.

You have ideas and they’re great ideas. The problem is you’re not a web designer and you have no idea what it takes to make all those great designs you’ve seen on other websites. Fortunately, you don’t have your ideas put on ice until you can go back to school and learn how a web […]

Website Designer: Choosing the best

In the present times that the Internet has proved an important medium for conducting business are, most people prefer their online business and sell their products to launch under a wider range of audience success and maximum return on their capital gain. And what people can help achieve this goal are “effective” web design and […]

Website Designers, Be Great!

It is probably safe to say that at least one quarter of the people on the internet have a website of their own, at one point or another. Some are very easy to start, while others are a bit harder to get up and moving. The good news is that there are many ways to […]

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