why freelancers do it better25 Dec 2014

The Real Value of a Web Designer to your Company

Why get a Freelancer? Hiring a full-time web designing team or maintaining your own in-house designers will cost a lot more than hiring a freelancer. Web design companies incur various costs to run their business, which accounts for their higher service charges. Hiring a regular employee, on the other hand, comes with corresponding overhead costs. A freelance web designer offers more flexibility in terms of expenses and commitment.

4 Jun 2015

The Truth About Infusionsoft

*Stands up* "My name is Steph, I'm a small business owner, and I love infusionsoft" *awkwardly sits back down... 0_o* Ok, so here's the deal.. Am i a freelancer? Technically, YES, but lets face it.. A freelancer is way more than a 'how can I help you, i'll get the job done, then you'll pay me' job description. Freelancers wear all the hats of a "full on" company. We do accounting, marketing, sales, project management, OH

17 Jan 2015

How much does it cost to have a website built?

Website quotes from here, website quotes from there.. Let's face it, there's a lot of variances when it comes to who charges what for a website. There are quite a few factors in play when it comes to receiving a quote and knowing whether or not to accept it and move forward with that contractor or company. Unfortunately, there's no magic number. Cost depends on how a contractor or company interprets your features and website

12 Jan 2015

Google, Panda, Penguins, oh My!

As a web developer, (needless to say) I have to keep up to date and knowledgeable on ALL things website related. One thing that i use to LOVE learning more about was SEO (search engine optimization)... Please note the keyword "use", past tense, also known as, me no likey no more... Today, it's literally a pain to keep up with all of Google (and other search engines) , algorithms and changes, and blah blah blah . I may

21 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays!

As fast as this year has come and is soon gone, it's been an amazing journey. Filled with ups and downs, and in the end a journey non-the-less. I'd like to thank ALL of my current clients and client's I've worked with throughout the year (as well as the company's i've 1099'ed for). To choose to do something you love isn't an easy road, but it's a my road, and I wouldn't be able to

Custom WordPress Development

Several years ago, there was considerable talk within the online community about WordPress overtaking all other forms of web development. While such a feat was quite an ask, and probably something that would only ever exist in the intimate dreams of its founders, WordPress has become more and more relevant as time has gone on. So relevant in fact, that it’s almost impossible to pick up a web design book now without seeing WordPress tips

What We Do as Website Developers

What makes us who we are? What do we believe in? What’s our design philosophy? And most importantly, how can we (and I) help you…? The internet’s a pretty big place. Among all the pictures of funny cats, pizza recipes and forums complaining about the inaccuracy of the latest Star Trek movie, exists a grey space, waiting to be occupied. As web developers, we cherish this grey space. What begins as emptiness, just a void