Becoming a Freelance Website Designer

When I became a freelance website designer, there were many personal reasons that attracted me to the profession. Little did I know, that it would bring me a lot more than just an ability to pay my bills.

To become a freelance website designer, you have to be a rare breed.
You have to trust in your abilities and have faith that work will come in when those bills are due.  (Not an easy task to throw your debt in the hands of hope, but like i said, freelance designers are a rare breed.) But when you do land those contracts, it brings you so much excitement that it’s borderline sick. It’s being the master of your own fate, and with each hundred you make, it’s a very un-silent victory. I have a celebration dance I do, and I get filled with, yet another dose, of “Damn the man”.

I remember working for a large company, prior to my move into freelancing. They landed a huge contract and they were ecstatic.  Had the whole staff come to the lobby and busted out a bottle of champaign. They wanted us to share in their victory, but it was a feeling that no one other than the owners, president, vice president could partake in.. besides..they were the ones who were benefiting right?, we just got twice the work load, with the same pay. I thought it was a joke.

It wasn’t until I landed my first paying contract as a freelance website designer that I understood their excitement. I finally felt a victory.. a step in the right direction, and I wanted more.

The thing is, a freelancer (of any kind) lives client to client, never really knowing what their income will be any given week or month. They don’t have a budget (at least I didn’t). With each bill or rent’s due date, there i’d be, holding my breath, and marketing/advertising/DIGGING to find a contract. IT WAS EXHILARATING!! I WAS A REBEL!!!! I never saw it any differently. I chose a profession that gave me that feeling of wanting to bust out the champaign with each sale.

Needless to say, we all know my situation now (if you don’t you should haha).. I’m married, things changed. I wanted a steady income, but still wanted that feeling of exhilaration. God blessed me with an opportunity to work at True Productions.. not just work there, but run the web department, which gives me that feeling of accomplishment. I may not get any fluctuation in pay that helps keep me hungry, but I get paid.. a check every two weeks without having to worry about it… and that’s kinda priceless.

I still run the department as a freelancer would. It’s in my blood, I can’t help it. Each client is my only client, and I give them that same respect as I always have.. they pay my bills, and they’re worth my time regardless.

I have a lot to learn about myself still, but freelancing brought me a whole hell of a lot closer to actually knowing who I am and what I’m capable of.

Today, I consider myself successful, because freelancing got me to where I am today. I still have my moments of wanting that thrill of freelancing.. it’s an addiction.. but I wouldn’t trade in my progress, and where freelancing has got me for anything.

In the end, the thrill isn’t anything more than taking ownership of your accomplishments, regardless as to where you make them. Whether it’s a conventional 9-5, or a freelancing. Having pride and being devoted to what you do is a thrill in its own. Since freelancing, i never worked a day in my life. Even now, being a Lead website designer, I still don’t consider my 9-5 a job.. it’s what i love to do.. it’s not work until i’m sick of it.. and after almost 15 years, I can’t see that happening.