The Real Value of a Web Designer to your Company

Websites play a very critical role in the success of an online business.  Websites are used by business owners to showcase their products, services, and to highlight their credentials and reputation in the industry. When consumers want detailed information about a company and what it can offer, they would most likely make a research and visit the company website. Websites must therefore possess certain characteristics so they can serve their purpose. If it’s not well-planned and well-designed, online searchers will not even linger enough to open other pages of the site. This is where the role of a freelance web designer comes in.


Why consider the services of a web designer?

It only takes a few seconds to make an impression on your site visitor. If they like what they see, then you are successful in getting their attention. A freelance web designer would have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to come up with a website that will not only look good at first glance, but will contain relevant information to drive more traffic and quality leads to your site. They can help your company have a website that will project the online image that you wish to have. Moreover, they can integrate SEO techniques to their web designs to ensure that the website will generate constant flow of traffic.


Why get a freelancer?

Hiring a full-time web designing team or maintaining your own in-house designers will cost a lot more than hiring a freelancer. Web design companies incur various costs to run their business, which accounts for their higher service charges. Hiring a regular employee, on the other hand, comes with corresponding overhead costs. A freelance web designer offers more flexibility in terms of expenses and commitment. Their services are less expensive and they can work anytime and anywhere the project takes them. They are generally self-motivated professionals with specialized knowledge and they are committed to doing all sorts of projects, unlike big agencies that are more likely to focus on large ventures. Their fees don’t carry extra costs so they are more cost-efficient to work with.

There is also stiff competition among freelance web designers. This is good for business owners as they can look forward to getting the services of competitive individuals who try to do their best in every project that they handle. They do this to build a good reputation and to satisfy clients, in the hope that they can get repeat business and good referral in the future. Freelancers frequently deal with various situations in the line of their job; as such, they become more versatile when it comes to providing fresh ideas and solutions to their clients.

Your choice of a web designer can, ultimately, determine and influence the success of your online business. You have to consider many factors like experience, skills, and reputation before you hire one. Ending up with the best freelance web designer can spell success, and you can consider your web designer a business partner who can help you in effectively promoting your products or services in the online market.

Infusionsoft Shopping Cart Design

Another Snowy Day

It’s another one of those days where I’m blessed to work from the comforts of my home office. I LOVE watching the snow fall outside my window while I tap away at the keys of my computer sipping my hot coffee without a care in the world. And for this, I disgust Chicago

I grew up where seasons were just something we learned about in school. In California, where a little rain FREAKS people out! In Illinois, I see the seasons, and it’s insanely beautiful to me. I can’t help it. Of course, I work from home… I can admire it from afar lol. Which is probably why i disgust people out here even I’m not sorry.. I can’t help that this 33 year old turns into a 7 year old when snow falls and i get to go out and shovel or just watch it fall down!!!

New Marketing Video

I know when I go to a website, I’ll leave if there’s not a good visual representation of what that site, service, or product will do for me. I know it’s weird, especially since, years ago, when you bought anything it was a crap shoot. (Maybe that’s why my mom chose to buy at yard sales rather than at a retail store).. We’re all guilty of it.. Tell me you’ve never done a price compare on a product using a scanner app on your smart phone… Or even checking out reviews, etc etc.

So that was off topic a bit, but a key way to make sure people understand your brand, what you’re doing, and what you can offer is to make a quick 1 minute video and place it on your website. OR HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT Freelance Website Designer icon wink New Marketing Video ;).

I’ve finally made a jump, and have replaced my slideshow with a 1 minute clip of who i am and what i do. Hope you guys like  and enjoy it!  AND, i hope it helps new clients get to know me and what I can offer them. Visuals people.. Spend the extra money to convert text into graphic design or a visual.. doesn’t mean you can’t have text, but create a visual summary of what you’re talking about! Because if you’re anything like me, if all i see is text, i run!

Customerhub Design. It’s not as easy as it seems.

For years I’ve been working with Customerhub exclusively. That’s right, Infusionsoft’s Customerhub Marketplace Addon. I actually work as a contractor for Infusionsoft to make sure their clients receive the most professional looking Customerhub Design possible.

Not many have mastered Customerhub Design, but I humbly say, I have. I’m the master of modesty, but lets face it, Customerhub default templates aren’t as pleasing to the eye as they could be.

That’s where I come in. I can get your customerhub template looking as good as you’d like it.. Here are some samples of what I do:

Click Here to Get a Customerhub Design Quote Now!

Finding A Freelance Website Designer

Are you looking for a freelance website designer and developer to develop, maintain, or scale your website and business online business marketing? Here’s some things that will help you to find the right designer for you and your company:

1. When contacting a freelance website designer and developer, make sure they ASK ABOUT YOU! 
A lot of the time, us freelancers can get into a drone like state and simply want to know what you TECHNICALLY want. How many pages, colors, specs that mean zilch to you because we’re speaking a language you don’t understand. STOP US IN OUR TRACKS, or simply find another designer. Sure, some specifics are needed in order to provide a detailed quote, but it’s a quote. Speaking for myself, as a freelance website designer i’m looking to maintain a relationship with your company and get to know everything you do and put in my 2 cents to make it better. I’ll offer suggestions, and get to know what your need is, so you won’t have to worry about it.

2. Personality.
A client/business relationship is important. After speaking to/emailing a few freelancers, make sure you guys mesh well. Even in text, you’ll know if you’ll be a good fit with that freelancer.

3. Small scale doesn’t mean you have to settle.
9 times out of 10 a freelance website designer or developer is willing to work with your budget. This isn’t because we’re drowning in debt and will settle for pennies to a dollar on a budget. When we choose to work with a budget that’s less than our starting price, it’s because we are looking for a long term relationship. Sure you may only have a few grand to get your project up and running, but you’ll need updates, and you will grow, and we’re investing OUR time into that growth and maintaining a quality relationship with EVERY one of our clients. (Hopefully i’m not speaking for myself on that one!) So, bottom line.. if your start up budget is low, don’t run to a $10/hour freelance website designer or developer. Find who you want, and give them a chance to grow with you. You’d be surprised.

4. Expect a return on your investment.
You’re spending a pretty penny when it comes to getting your company or start up business online. Make sure you hire someone who will be as passionate about your project as you are. When i work with clients, I become invested in making sure i’m developing a project that will a) grow with the client, b) be worth their investment, and c) make sure their website is SEO ready so that they’ll be ahead of the game. I also make suggestions to clients if I see something that would be relevant to their service/product that may bring in more capitol. (It’s not that i’m nosey, i’m just vicariously living through you!) If you’re successful, you come back for more edits and updates, and we begin a long term relationship where you can call upon me for updates, additional sites and features, etc, etc.

Bottom line.
When finding a freelance website designer, don’t settle for anything less than the best for you and your business. Your business is your baby. Baby’s need nurturing. Consider your freelance website designer to be a “nanny” of sorts. You need to have trust in them and make sure you’re both on the same page. Or else, nanny cams get installed, and that’s just adding to your investment. Don’t get fooled by low cost (or high cost for that matter). Find an ethical and reliable source for what you need. In the end, if you don’t, you’ll end up paying someone again to redo your website, or investing more into getting it fixed or completed in a timely manner.

It’s a new year, it’s a new life

As a majority of you know, I’m on my own again! Bitter sweet, but ultimately it needed to be done, for my own sanity and conscience.

Now back to a 100%, Full time, Freelance website designer, I’m in the drivers seat again, and the seat is warm and comfy.. like i never left it. It’s a breath of fresh air again.

In past blogs I’ve talked about how much it takes to do the Freelancing thing. It’s not easy, it’s not without it’s stresses, but the rewards are so much more meaningful. We’re a different breed of people. It’s a new year.. and i’m feelin’ good Freelance Website Designer icon wink Its a new year, its a new life

It’s time for a website makeover!

According to my FTP files, i’ve had this SAME site for about 3 years now.. HOLY CRAP! That’s honestly the longest my website has ever been the same. I can blame my full time position at True Productions for the last year of no changes, but it’s time for a little spring cleaning.. in December.. (It’s procrastination, don’t get it backwards).

Who knows what i’ll come up with.. i figure just a little trim.. a little snip?.. maybe some graphics that aren’t from 2002? A little CSS? A little mobile?.. why not!

So, needless to say… with Motzart in the background, and a pile of assorted jelly belly’s to my side; it is on… like donkey kong. -_- … EW BUTTERED POPCORN!!! That’s just not right… 0_o

How to remove the right side column / sidebar in CustomerHub

Removing the right sidebar in the Customerhub can be done easily through CSS and Customerhubs’ Customize Theme page.

If you’re using the Tabbed nav v1 (no longer available, but if you still have it active, it’s there):

#right_column {display:none;}
/*insert pixel width that expands over the right column below */
#left_column {width: 960px;}

Becoming a Freelance Website Designer

When I became a freelance website designer, there were many personal reasons that attracted me to the profession. Little did I know, that it would bring me a lot more than just an ability to pay my bills.

To become a freelance website designer, you have to be a rare breed.
You have to trust in your abilities and have faith that work will come in when those bills are due.  (Not an easy task to throw your debt in the hands of hope, but like i said, freelance designers are a rare breed.) But when you do land those contracts, it brings you so much excitement that it’s borderline sick. It’s being the master of your own fate, and with each hundred you make, it’s a very un-silent victory. I have a celebration dance I do, and I get filled with, yet another dose, of “Damn the man”.

I remember working for a large company, prior to my move into freelancing. They landed a huge contract and they were ecstatic.  Had the whole staff come to the lobby and busted out a bottle of champaign. They wanted us to share in their victory, but it was a feeling that no one other than the owners, president, vice president could partake in.. besides..they were the ones who were benefiting right?, we just got twice the work load, with the same pay. I thought it was a joke.

It wasn’t until I landed my first paying contract as a freelance website designer that I understood their excitement. I finally felt a victory.. a step in the right direction, and I wanted more.

The thing is, a freelancer (of any kind) lives client to client, never really knowing what their income will be any given week or month. They don’t have a budget (at least I didn’t). With each bill or rent’s due date, there i’d be, holding my breath, and marketing/advertising/DIGGING to find a contract. IT WAS EXHILARATING!! I WAS A REBEL!!!! I never saw it any differently. I chose a profession that gave me that feeling of wanting to bust out the champaign with each sale.

Needless to say, we all know my situation now (if you don’t you should haha).. I’m married, things changed. I wanted a steady income, but still wanted that feeling of exhilaration. God blessed me with an opportunity to work at True Productions.. not just work there, but run the web department, which gives me that feeling of accomplishment. I may not get any fluctuation in pay that helps keep me hungry, but I get paid.. a check every two weeks without having to worry about it… and that’s kinda priceless.

I still run the department as a freelancer would. It’s in my blood, I can’t help it. Each client is my only client, and I give them that same respect as I always have.. they pay my bills, and they’re worth my time regardless.

I have a lot to learn about myself still, but freelancing brought me a whole hell of a lot closer to actually knowing who I am and what I’m capable of.

Today, I consider myself successful, because freelancing got me to where I am today. I still have my moments of wanting that thrill of freelancing.. it’s an addiction.. but I wouldn’t trade in my progress, and where freelancing has got me for anything.

In the end, the thrill isn’t anything more than taking ownership of your accomplishments, regardless as to where you make them. Whether it’s a conventional 9-5, or a freelancing. Having pride and being devoted to what you do is a thrill in its own. Since freelancing, i never worked a day in my life. Even now, being a Lead website designer, I still don’t consider my 9-5 a job.. it’s what i love to do.. it’s not work until i’m sick of it.. and after almost 15 years, I can’t see that happening.